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But doctors

But doctors, again near the top of last year’s Gallup “honesty and ethics” poll, may be prepping for their own Enron moment. Allegations that hundreds of patients at St. Joseph Medical Center received what might have been unneeded heart stents would, if true, combine Bernard Madoff style fraud with Toyota style injury..

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If people can save two dollars on an item buying it online, they’ll do it. The way we would combat that is we would be very aggressive in, we’ll meet or beat any online price. You have to do that. 12 Fourth downs have been converted into first downs by Alabama in 12 attempts this season. The Crimson Tide is the only team in the nation that has succeeded every time it’s gone for it on fourth down in 2017. Auburn’s defense has allowed 12 first downs on 24 fourth down attempts this season..

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